Thursday, 8 November 2012

Breakfast at Tiffanys

When it comes to fashion, the years and trends begin to repeat themselves. Although the styles are very defined and the decades can be identified, future generations will assume plastic vibrant hoops or Poodle net skirts were of their era. The past 5 years have been a fusion of all the different trends from the 40's to the 80's in style, colour and patterns.
I recently visited friends in Southampton who live a short walk from the town centre. Finding myself amongst the shops each day, I was having withdrawal symptoms from hunting down the local charity and vintage shops. Finding few and nothing particularly to my fancy, I was disappointed. However, walking back to the house, we past a lovely little tea room, The Art house Gallery Cafe. It appeared to have been an old sweet shop with the ascending windows from the door that you walked between before entering the shop. Only, instead of sweets displayed in jars to entice you in, there were tables and chairs in the windows to add a quirky effect. Become the window display and drink tea whilst you observe the outside as the outside observes you.
In this quirky little tea room at the back, is a large book shelf, tall glass jewelry cabinets, and a long rail of vintage clothing. Amongst the clothing I found this wonderful white and black 60's style linen dress.  A perfect christmas present for my mum. The designer is Jean Claire, I believe her to be French as it carries that 'Paris' charm.

Unfortunately, the dress did not fit my mother... lets say it did not accommodate her lady curves. Unfortunately it did not fit myself either and I had to peg it down the back to create the fitting look for my photograph. Although a 60's style monochrome dress, I have created a late 40's/50's outfit. Breakfast at Tiffanys, Hepburn would be asking in a rhetorical manor, should we have ever been girlfriends.
This is my first item that I shall be selling on ebay, It is listed as 'Jean Claire black and white vintage dress, monochrome, size UK 12, 1960's'.
To complete the outfit, I raided my mums wardrobe and found her own bargain buys. The shoes are Carvela and bought for £2 from a Hythe Boot Fair. The gloves are vintage and black velvet. The hat was bought years ago from a little shop in Sandwich where my Nona used to live, however my mum sewed on the little pearls herself to complete the look and the handbag is her Channel. 
Recreating a style is great, adding little signature touches makes it your own.