Sunday, 17 February 2013

Festive Finds

The best thing about festivals are the countless amount of stalls, selling things from clothes to jewellery, to feather hair extensions and the best Pork with apple sauce on a spit roast. Besides going and listening to the bands that are performing, I do often find myself hovering around the clothes stalls. One year at Lounge on the Farm, a local festival to Canterbury, The British Heart Foundation held a stall which was over flowing with vintage items. Amongst the rails and piles of clothes, shoes and bags, I found a gorgeous high waisted skirt with button detail and two front pockets. I thought it would look great for nights out or even for on holidays. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to wash it and wear it the next day at the festival with a t-shirt, knee high socks and my wellies for the casual look. It only cost me £2.
Another great place for vintage stalls, was Bath in Summerset. My wonderful boyfriend, for our 3 year anniversary, arranged a weekend away. It was a special anniversary for the both of us and as I had quietly arranged a weekend to Bruges and a hot air balloon ride for our 2 year anniversary, also joint with his birthday, with the help of friends who chipped in for the balloon ride, he took the reigns and totally surprised me with this wonderful weekend away. We pulled up a long drive fenced by tall trees lined in a row to the house. Ross had made a step by step guide for me to read out and direct him to our accommodation for the weekend. After parking and walking through the barn (for a split second thinking we were going horse riding) we went out across the garden and came across a rose arch. Looking through to the other garden, sat a little wooden shepherds hut, so rural and rustic. On our second day we went into Frome where there was an annual vintage market. I rummaged through a few boxes of one shop and found a lovely silk blouse, white with black polka dots. It is from HOBBS, in a size 8 and they only wanted £1 for it. It had a button missing, but I was sure I could find something similar. Of course I snatched it up and couldn't wait to wear it. Soon after our wonderful weekend away, I found the same button amongst an overflowing tin of buttons in a second hand shop, but instead of black polka dots it had red polka dots. Something a bit quirky to add I thought.