Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dum Dum De Dum

 Every girls nightmare is finding an outfit, making sure its enough or not too much, that its suitable and yet stands out. Having not been to a wedding since I was about 8, I really wasn't sure what sort of outfit was right for a wedding from ceremony to reception. My partner and I were invited to a wedding-someone Ross works with. I was struggling to find anything and had my heart set on a jumpsuit. Soon I was told that it wasn't going to be a fancy wedding, that nobody was really going to dress up and that it was more casual. This just made it worse, what on earth is nice and yet casual enough for a wedding!? You can just imagine the chaotic scene can't you? Picture this...me pulling item after item, with one hand then the other, taking only seconds viewing each before casting them off over my shoulder eliminating them from my options, leaving me surrounded by a pile of useless-and may as well be, rags!
Of course I scowered the charity shops in hopes of a bargain find, I was up and down Canterbury and Hythe high street like a chid from the 20's playing with a stick and hoop! Unfortunately I found nothing, I guess when your looking for something in particular, you miss the gems that are really there. I found a beautiful royal navy jumpsuit on ebay which I won for £10, however, when it arrived and I tried it on, it gave me an unfortunate...camels feature that I wish not too divuldge into detail about. You can only imagine the ridiculous look. Again began the big search. This time, I gave in and searched the high street shops. Primark had just come to Canterbury so all the highstreet stores were having sales, only to compete I could guess.  I decided to look for a long dress, something that could be dressed up or down. I pulled a few items from the sale rail at Zara, one of which was a pale blue dress with dark blue flowers printed on it, something I would never have picked and the pattern made me think of my Aunty Nene and a blouse or dress that she would have worn. I tried it on anyway and funnily enough, it was perfect. the straps were a fraction too long cutting close to revealing too much side of my chest. But nothing that my sewing machine couldn't fix.

The day was beautiful and I certainly was not too over dressed neither underdressed. I had plenty of room for all the food in my floaty gown too. Plus the champagne everyone kept giving me as they didn't like it, who doesn't love bubbles! Plus, did you know that it has been discovered, we English were the founders and creators of the first intentional Champagne to have been made! Pardon Le Francais.