Thursday, 17 January 2013

Permesso, Quanto Costa?

A fresh start, a new year. After the build up to Christmas and allowing the festive season to slowly fade behind me, progress and ideas for my blog bloomed in my mind and in sketch books. My new years resolution is not something to give up neither to accomplish a self achievement of confidence, I am perfectly happy with the way I am. However a little exercise to simply be healthy is on the list along with my main resolution of saving a certain amount this year to help towards my own place. Well, a place for my boyfriend and I to move in together, nothing would make me happier and I already have an over flowing 'bottom draw' from copper bottom Prestige pans to decorative items, mainly a lot of vintage. It is an exciting thought, to have a space and simply make it your own.
Last weekend, Ross and I decided to go to the local carboot fair to see how many people would be selling so soon after Christmas. We arrived to a nearly empty car park but there was still potential for bargains at the remaining stalls. After a quick whizz around, Ross had gained himself a deck chair with wonderful wooden arm rests and a new kitchen pedal bin totaling just £1. I didn't find anything to my liking until Ross showed me 3 wonderfully retro porcelain jars with metal clips around the lids. Without looking at the stamp on the bottom, they are quite clearly Italian from the style, colour and font. What a great find by my one and only. Plus, having Italian relatives from my mothers side of the family, makes these jars a little more personal to me.
They cost me only £1 each. I love a good bargain!