Monday, 1 October 2012

Laundry Service

A while ago, I went to the local carboot in Canterbury with my partner, Ross. It has become a usual Sunday morning activity for us, because further into our relationship, we are getting ever so cooler. We enjoy a good game of scrabble and love cooking...together. On my stroll around the stalls I picked up some lovely gold earrings with little coral studs for only 20p, a pair of skinny fit, black jeans from H&M for £2 and other little bits and bobs. However, that weeks biggest bargain was a Lloyd Loom washing basket, in its original colour and worn state. My partner has been on at me to get my own washing basket due to the unfortunate events' of my dad shrinking a wool jumper bought by my partner as a christmas gift and then my mum burning a hole through my favourite vintage cardigan. The woman selling the basket knew of its value and even lifted the basket to show us the original sticker on the bottom. Everyone was packing away around us and her help was throwing things into their van at the time we were observing the basket. So I can imagine the timing helped to enable this amazing bargain. Original Lloyd Looms in their true conditions go for a lot of money on ebay and most likely a lot more in auction houses. Ross produced only 50p from his pocket of which I said there is no way we could even barter the Loom down to £3 or there abouts. But he replied with just a smile and 'you never know', so we chanced it. Ross did that thing of pulling out 'all' he had in his pocket and stating that was everything he had this case, that was everything he had left. The woman responded by saying she wouldn't take any less than £2. This shocked me and I was desperately seeking any hidden money on my person. I had remembered the two olympic 50p coins that Ross had earlier given me, (Another 'cool' thing I do, Is collect any special looking 50p coins). We held out the £1.50 thinking that it was hugely cheeky, but she took it and handed over the beautiful Lloyd Loom wash basket. Fabulous, another great bargain! Oh how I love the carboots. So far, 80% of my future house will have come from a carboot! I already have 5 boxes full of bits and bobs, kitchen utensils and glasses etc... ready for when I move out. My bottom draw started overflowing with my addiction and therefore moved to boxed which eventually made there way to the garage. Oh lord, Im going to be a hoarder!