Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pink Tea Party

I was reading a magazine not long ago and there was an article about throwing a Hot Pink Tea Party in aid of breast cancer awareness. For every photograph sent into the magazine of the readers tea parties, Avon will donate £1 to Breast Cancer Awareness. I instantly felt inspired and considering I had recently lost an Aunty to breast cancer, I wanted to do something for her that she would be proud of. Not only did I throw a tea party, but I also created activities for my guests to help raise money for the charity too.
I had a jar full of sweets of which they had to guess the amount, it was 100 sweets, but when counting them in, I ate three! I also had a clothes rail of clothes I no longer wanted and clothes donated by a few other people. A good friend of mine is a make up artist for Dior and offered her services for a donation to do mini make overs. My mother used to be a beautician and did mini manicures for donations too. I also had a raffle with lots of donated prizes and a quiz all about tea. It was such a lovely afternoon for the ladies, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting this event and whilst racing around, making sure I got round to see everyone, sorting things out, in my mind, I was planning my next charity event.
Unfortunately I was ill the week before the Tea Party and wasn't fully focused on organising for the occasion. I spent my last weekend running around the high street, in Hythe and Canterbury for vintage sandwich plates and tea cups and saucers. A mix match of everything. A fusion of colours and patterns. I went to the usual car boot on the Sunday morning in Canterbury, finding similar sandwich plates to the few I already had. A couple more tea cups and saucers, however, My partners sister has an infamous tea stool at local fairs and festivals selling special home made chair being the most popular. I borrowed a few more tea cups and saucers from her and a large earn to boil my water... I didn't fancy standing there and boiling my kettle hundreds of times that day. I managed to get 4 different sets of sandwich plates from £1 to £7, I even got a sugar bowl and a two large plates along with a set of 5 little sandwich plates. That was the set I managed to aquire for just £1! Bargain.

Anyway, Selling raffle tickets, clothes, make overs and manicures, the quiz and people guessing the amount of sweets, I raised £184 which I never thought I could accomplish. However, some people unfortunately could not make it but very kindly sent to me donations to help towards supporting this cause. My final total came to £250. I was so proud! I owe thanks to everyone that made it, helped out, made donations, brought goodies for the food table and donated items to the raffle and clothes rail. I had an amazing time organising and hosting the event, I certainly hope to do it again soon. It brings to you great pleasure knowing you made a difference, no matter how small or big that contribution may be.