Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Opps I did it again?

Saturday morning, I was eagerly awake by 9am with a cup of tea in hand waiting for my parents to get up and get ready as they were going to a carboot at a local farm which was raising money for a charity. I of course was itching to go with them, in hopes of my next bargain find. Knowing this carboot was at a farm and regarding the recent weather hasn't exactly been great, the consideration of wearing my wellies did not cross my mind. We approached the entrance and I noticed the amount of people in their wellies who obviously had put two and two together. Struggling in the mud and trying to balance myself with my hands up in the air like I was conducting a grand orchestra, I managed my way across to the stalls. I picked up some lovely deep green, metallic nail varnish, a classic 80's white and grey shirt with stripes on one side and polka dots on the other and a CD, Britney Spears greatest hits all for 50p. Because secretly we all love Britney.
 However, my greatest find was a leather, made in Italy handbag. It's a deep green with a brown strap and shaped like it should be a CD case or a little picnic bag for your hit flask and two glasses. I bought this for £2, some would say not a great carboot price, but I know that originally, in Italy that bag would have most likely cost approximately £40. Of course I used it that evening, (You have to take these things on a test run). My partner took me out for a lovely meal and I paraded my new bag proudly.
In my photograph showing my new bag, I am wearing a favorite cardigan of mine, bought from Ebay for only £7. It has a lovely vintage style about it and can complete any outfit that maybe lacking something, as long as the colours' do not clash. The shoes are also an ebay find. Bought for £3.95, originally from River Island. The vintage brown belt belonged to my Grandfather and was salvaged from his apartment. The top has become a favorite item of mine, originally from Topshop, I bought this for just £1 from a second hand shop in Folkestone.
I do love a bargain, and if the outcome still looks nice, why should it matter that it is second hand?