Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lets Twist Again...

Every girl loves a good dress up, even those girls who deem themselves to be Tom-Boys. Secretly deep down, we all like pampering and tottering around in heels we wish we could genuinely walk in. No girl can deny that. I love to wear heels, but Im never honestly comfortable in them and never wear them anywhere apart from out dancing with my friends. I can never understand those girls who wear 4 inch heels out shopping, what kind of heels must they wear out dancing!?
When I do wear heels on a slightly more casual occasion, I like to dress it down a fraction with the outfit. Despite my once boisterous character, I like to be unique with a quiet twist as to not stand too far out from the crowd for the wrong reasons.
In this photo, I am wearing a white cotton top, originally from Topshop, found and bought from a carboot (once again in Canterbury), for just 20 pence. I love the length of the back being longer than the front, It adds a quirkiness to the outfit creating my unique twist.
I am also wearing my lovely bright blue Monkee Genes, bought for £12.99 from TK Maxx, such a great bargain place for new items at a discounted price. I have seen these jeans in Fenwicks for £70.
The necklace was a gift from my best friend and adds a lovely touch to a simple outfit. Just a little more colour and sparkle.
Now, all I need to find is a bargain bag to match my shoes.