Monday, 24 September 2012

Winter Warning

Preparing for the winter weather can be such a bore. But at the same time, finding that perfect snugly jumper for the cold and stormy nights, cuddled under a blanket on the sofa and searching for those cosy slippers which are also easy to kick off when climbing into bed makes winter clothes shopping, all that little bit of sense. Although I love summer and not having to worry about taking a jacket or even a cardigan. I like to wear Angora, Wool and Cashmere as they are just so soft and warming. 

Here I am wearing my Wool hat, bought from a carboot. It is mainly beige with a mix of green, purple and wonderful mustard yellow. There is no label as this was originally not from a shop but handmade. I bought it for 30p, a total winter bargain! My top is from Zara, however this was also bought from a carboot, however it had a stain down the front and instead of the girl trying to wash it out, she decided to sell it. This was great for me as I only paid 20p for it. My scarf, also a wool knit item, no label and therefore hand made, I bought from Oxfam in Canterbury for 99p. Always care to do my little bit for charity. My jeans, although not second hand, I bought them from Tkmax for £12.99, they are Tommy Hilfiger and were originally £29.99. I do love a rummage in Tkmaxx, however you have to be prepared to hunt and get involved in the mess to achieve a good find. I can't go in without finding something to take home. Im such a secret hoarder. My boots are my favourite item. They are Ravel. Brown vintage and laced on the front at the ankle, they finish off an outfit superbly. I had bought a size 5 from Ebay but was slightly concerned about this purchase as my legs are quite slim and I often find it hard to get boots to fit suitably without swishing back and forth. So it was a bit of a gamble. Anyway, they arrived and rather then being worried about the calf width, I should have been worried about the length of the foot as unfortunately, they did not fit. I gave them to my Nona, who was over the moon about receiving them and they fit her perfectly. Vintage Ravel boots, I did not think I would find them again especially in the next size up. However I kept looking and using the law of attraction from the book 'The Secret' to draw them to me. Without fail, I found them again on ebay in a size 6 and patiently waited for the auction to come to an end. I won them two days later for £7.65. I love them! It wasn't luck, it was the law of attraction working. I use this system all the time now.