Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Formula

Todays outfit, chosen from my endless wardrobe which looks like all of the surrounding retail shops have decided to just sneeze at it. When I say retail shops, I mean The Cats Protection, Cancer research, Barnados etc...
My bargain buys here in this photo are my trousers, my blouse my bag and my bangle. A wonderful pair of cotton, high waisted green trousers, fitted perfectly to my little bottom and were perfect length for my sometimes long, sometimes short looking legs. They just can't seem to make up their mind. I bought the trousers at a bit of a gamble from Ebay, but I had caught sight of them passing by the entrance of the retail shop 'Next' and knew what the sizing was like from that store. They cost me only £8. Fair to say not my best bargain, but an £18 reduction from the store price. So I was happy. The blouse I recovered from a heap of clothes on the floor at a car-boot sale. The one in the Wincheap park and ride in Canterbury. It is on almost throughout the year until they need the car park from November for those Frantic Christmas shoppers. The woman only wanted £1 for it, so I bought and bagged. I late found a hole in the back along the seem, but lucky me, I learnt to sew and was able to fix it to the best of my ability (sewing free hand is not my strongest point). The bag was from a little vintage barn called 'Eversley Barn Antiques' in Hampshire. Amongst benches and arm chairs, china and glass, mirrors and jewelry, there were clothes, shoes and accessories. I loved the suede outside and the tartan lining. It only cost me £10 from what I can imagine may have been well over £100 from brand new. But the thing that drew me to it the most was the name. 'Master by Nannini' and I shall tell you why. My Aunty was Called Zina, however, her two siblings, my Grandfather and my other Aunty had trouble from a young age to pronounce Zina and what came out instead was Nene. As in Knee-Knee. This is what she was from then on known as to all in my family. She was a legend and an inspiration.

The bangle cost me £1.50, no skin off my nose, but a nice little donation to charity. It adds a lovely touch to a simple outfit. Although with this blouse and the floaty detail on the chest, the bangle was not entirely required. However it added a glisten.