Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cameo Find

Another bargain buy, I saw this cameo ring amongst other tit for tat and jewelry bits and wasn't too sure about it at first. Someone was selling their junk at this strange festival. Carnival music was being played from a local stall where children could ride a sinister and surreal merry-go-round, which instead of horses', creatures looking forms had replaced. I can't even describe them. People were parading tractors in a show event, listening to the man on the speaker explaining the make and model like it was an expensive and desired car, i truly was confused. Anyway, I was studying this ring and the man said '50p' which I then thought, I wont argue, I can learn to like it. I put it on my ring finger but on the right hand instead of the left and soon enough fell in love with it. Not until I got home did i notice a hall mark and later thought I should take it to a jewelers for further information. I found out that It's 14 carrot, the face is made from a sea shell and at a quick estimate, he valued the ring to at least £150! 
What a charming story to tell my children of who I shall pass the ring down too.