Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Returning to my Keys

My fellow followers, readers, friends. I have been so unorganised and lacked the motivation to write that I have left an open wound, a gap, not just to my blog but to myself. So much has happened and changed and so many bargains have been found since New Years, there is just simply, too much to tell.
After Christmas and New Years, still working at Reiss, the team entered into a competition through the company to put forward our idea, of how we convey passion, focus drive and our thoughts of how we perseve their slogan 'I am Reiss'. At first it was a subtle joke of making a music video and writing our own rap which soon turned into creating a music video to Pharell Williams 'Happy' where we just danced on the shop floor but also included the full Reiss service to a customer (who also joined in on the dancing) The idea we all had was the scene in 500 days of summer, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances through the city and more and more of the public join in. Our minds were ambitous and determined to win this competition. A good friend of mine happens to be a photographer and film maker who agreed to help us in our little quest. After spending one evening after closing time, eating nibbles and having a few drinks, making this music video with everyones ideas merging together, we finally created our entry for the competition.
The announcement of the winner was to be made at the managers conference where every store manager from all over, Spain, France etc... would be there. Unfortunately our entry wasn't in the final 6. However, it had been recognised as motivational inspiration for all staff who ever felt down or lost to be picked up and feel lifted. Therefore it had been shown in the conference for everyone to enjoy. The response was better than winning, we were legends. Everyone wanted to vote for us but couldn't. There was never going to be a second or third prize, but due to the reaction of our video, they decided to award us with a bottle of champagne and a cheque for a night out. A free meal was a great way to spend the evening with the team. Especially as by the time we organised the date for the meal, I was leaving to start a career for a company called Spicers of Hythe, a hamper company where I would help in the selling, advertising and marketing of the products, even getting involved in the photography which interested me very much.
However, almost 6 months into my probation period, I found myself lost and unsure if working in an office was what I wanted anymore. Sitting at a desk doing paperwork and making/taking phone calls was such a shock to the system after having spent so long back in retail, working with customers face to face. It was no longer what I wanted to do, photography as a profession was no longer the career for me. It was a drastic decision but one Im glad I chose to make. I decided to follow my skills in massage, and want to specialise in this area. Looking back to last year and the short course I did, as cheesy as it may sound, I have never felt like I've been in quite the right place as much as I do when I'm giving a massage. So, for not quite a bargain or maybe it is (depending how you see it), just a little more than £3000 of my savings, I am back at college and getting my NVQ level 3 in Spa and Therapy. One of the best decisions I have made. I hope to qualify and start my true career in a beautiful Spa. It just sounds so much more interested than 'I work in an office selling hampers'. People asking me what I do now, I can say with pride 'I am a Massage Therapist'.
 I would just like to thank a particular person who I befriended on my course, who sparked up my motivation to start writing again. Never have I clicked with someone so fast before apart from maybe when I was little and would approach any girl at nursery, school, at the beach, at a park, maybe the infamous rotunda upstairs playroom with the classic line from any child "Hello, my name's Ami, do you want to be my friend?" So, thank you Claire, I have returned to my little black keys after blowing away the cobwebs.

Apologies for the poor quality, it had to be compressed to fit on the blog. also you may have to quickly download flash player...it's easy, free and simple. Enjoy!