Thursday, 10 October 2013

On My Travels

So, it has been a while since my last blog. Unfortunatley, a lot of situations have occured leaving me with lack of motivation on multiple occasions. A run of bad luck as I like to call it. Desite all the negative issues, it hasn't stopped me from carrying on and making the most of my time. I have been to Paris, Rome, Venice all in one year and what a positive upturn to the year it has been so far.
In Paris, my boyfriend and I stayed at a friends appartment which was great, it saved us loads. We spent 4 days wondering around like tourists, camera strapped around the neck and a phrase book in hand. The best thing about Paris, I find, is sitting in a cafe, drinking a coffee and watching the world around you fall into place. People going about their everyday chores whilst your sat enjoying the freedom of time.
My bargain of Paris was not so much displayed to me in a vintage shop or a flea market, despite having manically searched google for all the best places. However, after a wonderful dinner out followed by a rather saucy performance at the Moulin Rouge, strolling back at midnight to our appartment (perhaps a few glasses of champagne causing more of a stagger rather then a stroll), I saw leant against a tree, a few bags dumped on the kerb. As soon as I saw the shiny logo and leather material, I snatched up the beautiful handbag, not thinking as to why it was dumped there. When we got back to the appartment, we had a proper look at the handbag and Googled the name. BREE. It is a German designer handbag, which was still being sold on the website! Brand new it was £150. I felt sorry for who ever had lost their bag, whether it had been pinched, emptied and then dumped, or simply lost. However, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I use it all the time now, it is a great size and perfect for work. My boyfriend even said it was his favourite out of all my handbags.

Rome, my next destination and this time with my best friend. What a wonderful city! Although, I felt the food on our first night set us up for great expectations for the rest of the week, I was quite dissapointed but the beauty of rome certainly made up for it. The tours were great and the sights marvelling. We walked everywhere, not missing a beautiful little side street or the chance to try a secret hidden restaurant. Our hotel was directly in the middle of every tourist attraction, we were pretty lucky. My bargain buy for Rome, I found and bought a wonderful pair of Steve Madden sandals. Retailing usually around £40-50, I snatched up a bargain of only £8...oh the wonders of ebay! I wanted a stylish yet sophisticated look for Rome-not at all thinking like Carrie Bradshaw, I had only one small suitcase too instead of dozens. They were perfect and suitably comfortable.

My second visit to Venice, this time with the boyfriend, staying with the same friend at her apartment in a slowly growing holiday destination called Jesolo. I knew from last time I wore my shorts and maxi dresses a lot so this time that would be all I would pack. Yet again, another great bargain buy from my local carboot, a black maxi dress from Boohoo, cost me all of just 20p! I wore it on our last night to a fancy restaurant that gets a lot of hype. Im not sure if I am hard to please but neither one of us was impressed with the food or the servce and couldnt see what all the locals raved about. Are we English too fussy? have too higher expectations? perhaps we just know how it is done?!
All in all, I am a very luck girl to have travelled to all these places. Especially three of the most romantic and beautiful Citys in the world.