Friday, 28 September 2012

The Hepburn of all.

Having mentioned the LBD (the little black dress) last post, I began to think about it probably a little too much. Soon after, I started to rummage through my wardrobe-the one that looks sneezed on, to find my little numbers. I didn't realise how many I actually had. Four of my black dresses are not little but long and the other six are lovely little dresses all with a unique style and some with a bit of glitz. I decided to have my own little photo shoot like you see in the glamour magazines' and may have got a bit carried away. First in line of my LBD's is the one I previously mentioned, bought for £5 with short sleeves and a low back. A great example of a simple yet effective black dress. Second, is one of my favourites. I wore this dress on my 21st birthday in New York. I had previously known I was being taken to New York's most prestigious night club (The Box), so I knew I had to wear something glamorous. I searched high and low for something special but unfortunately the Charity shops were not on my side and I was forced to look in the high street stores themselves. However, I stumbled across the sale in Topshop and found this dress, by Lipsy, for only £10. I already had a voucher of £5 from a friend as an early birthday gift so only had to pay £5, a bargain for me! Next, a simple, thin strapped dress, quite versatile, your Audrey Hepburn of dresses. Fourth, a lovely black dress, strapless, with a metallic silver flower print for that wonderful twist. This is another Lipsy dress, also a £5 bargain buy. I wore this for New Year into 2009. Fifth, a 20's classic of tassels and sparkle, a flapper dress. Yet again another Lipsy dress for yet again, another £5 bargain buy. There is something about Topshop sales and making all items £5 that obviously works on their customers and weakens their need for more LBD's! Last but not least, a lovely bubbles dress of elastic at the bottom to curve the dress under. With sequins around the chest, it adds a lovely feature to the dress but also enhances a small chest. Brilliant for me! I wore this dress for my 18th birthday. For someone who didn't know the clubbing fashion style, I think I got it just right.