Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Sew and a Sit

A lovely find, or rather finds'. This chair had been stacked outside next to a skip in the front garden of a neighbors house, amongst other 'rubbish'. To them it was a chair that was in the way but to me, it was a project and a beautiful feature for my room... until the day comes I have my own place of which it shall become a chair of many odd ones to a kitchen table.
 I decided to leave the chair after having sanded it down, however you could paint it and sand over it again to create a distressed look. Or paint it a neutral colour to then add perhaps a floral feature.
 The sheep's wool placed over the seat adds a nice inviting touch to add comfort. This I found on the floor tucked under a bin to be thrown away, after, for me, a successful carboot. Another freebie. Washed and fabreezed, it now adds a nice touch to my beautiful chair. 
 The sewing box was a great find by my father, who knowing I have become very interested in the creative wonders of knitting and sewing, having just received a wonderful sewing machine for my birthday, a new (yet second hand) sewing box was very much needed. I guessed this sewing box was approximately 50 years old, as it carries a 1950's style about it. In a lovely light shade of wood with black feetless legs, it sits rather characteristically  in my room. It cost only £4 from the Cats Protection Charity shop in Hythe. Later I found in a vintage shop, a very similar sewing box but with a metal handle and metal legs being sold for £18. I believe I found myself a few bargains... or would we call freebies bargains?