Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All in Good Time

There are some things of which you just can not buy. Items with sentimental value. Special pieces given to you or passed down to you by close relatives, the relatives with the big personalties that forever stay in your mind or the ones that are simply always there and stay dear to you.
I have always loved watches, almost a fascination. However, when I told a Great Aunty of mine I was in search of a little vintage, round faced watched with a simple brown leather strap, the next time I saw her she produced to me the exact watch I had been looking for. It was her own from many years ago and with me in mind, she kindly set it aside ready to pass onto me. I have worn it ever since. This is the watch on the far right of the photograph. It is real gold and works from movement, so in the morning I have to remember to set the time back 5 minutes which does make me chuckle. It is an 'Eterna Matic Golden Heart', which is my Great Aunty Nene all over, a golden heart full of character.
The watch in the middle was given to me by my Nona. An even smaller gold round faced watch with a lovely, thin, black leather strap. Around the edge of the face the glass is patterned and at a quick glance, it almost looks like diamonds framing it, but unfortunately for me, it is in fact just the glass. This is a wind up watch and having not worn it out yet, I am not sure of how long it shall last between winding. This watch is a 'Sekonda 17 Jewels'.
The watch on the far left was given to my mother by her sister, my Aunty Natalie who worked for L'Oreal in Australia. It is a promotional watch, an extremely nice promotional watch at that. It has a lovely simple flat face with Roman numerals and slim gold hands. I love everything about this watch, but unfortunately it stopped working well before I could even reach my mothers jewelry box on tiptoes.
We have tried a new battery but that does not work. So I am in search for a company who may be able to fix it at a reasonable cost.
Something as beautiful as this watch that has been treasured in a box for so long clearly means more to me then I know, otherwise it would have been cast out from my mothers jewelry box many years ago.