Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just Jade

Having become a bargain hunter, I have accumulated quite a lot of items over a period of time, from clothes to jewellery, to the more potential buys' of house hold furnishings and textiles. The potential being that I do not own my own place as of yet, I just have the confidence to progress my bottom draw for when the time does arrive. My bottom draw now taking over the garage, shed and under the stairs in numerous amounts of large boxes, taking a step back, I realise I am quite prepared. However, there is no more room for clothes in my wardrobe and sacrifices must be made. My boyfriend had planned to do the last carboot sale of this year, as the one nearest him is in the Park&Ride which opens up on Sundays in December for Christmas shoppers. So I thought I would help out and sell all my unwanted items along with his Pick-up full too.
Clearing out my wardrobe was tough but I was ruthless and told myself to be serious. There were so many items I had kept just because I liked the look of them, but I never wore them. I filled 3 large bags full of clothes, chucked them in my boot and did not look at them until the morning of the carboot sale.
Arriving at 6:10am thinking only the regular stalls would be there setting up their pitches, Ross and I struggled to find a space to pull up and unload. Following in my car through the clatter of the car park, the due on the grass and mist in the air told me I had been foolish and should not have left my bed. However the excitement carried me through the morning. After finding a good spot as suggested by Ross, the sun would rise directly in front of us to keep us warm, with the help of a nicely brewed cuppa.
Not long into the morning I had made my share of the pitch cost back and a little profit. Knowing it was the last carboot sale of the year, I was itching to have a look round. Soon my make shift bumbag was weighing me down and profit was glorious...considering I was selling my junk. One persons rubbish is another persons treasure, so they say. Towards the end of my fast paced stroll along the rows and rows of stalls, I came across this beautiful bracelet. The stones look like Jade but I am not 100% sure of the authenticity of this item, considering It cost me £1 with no attempt to barter needed, I am not too fussed. I liked it so much as it matched my necklace of which I wear all the time. My necklace was bought for my mother by her best friend before I was even born. But unfortunately for her, the chain is too short and so she passed it on to me. It is real gold and has three small beads of Jade that balance evenly and shape my neck quite nicely. This necklace is to be 'recycled' and passed down to my children and so on so forth.
I now have a beautiful bracelet/necklace combo for those special evenings out.