Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Treasured Rose

The great thing about shopping with your partner, are the many little surprises' they may produce. Once I was in Hythe browsing in a wonderful jewelry shop that also sells vintage accessories, clothing, china and furniture. It is one of my favourite shops in the high street. Its the perfect place to get a birthday present for someone special.
I had previously seen a gorgeous little brass trinket box in there but never wanted to buy it for myself. I was hoping for it to be a gift after hinting to my mum once when we were last there together. Anyway, I showed the trinket box to Ross who, as an engineer was immediately interested in the design and material of the box. On the bottom was an engraving 'Margaret Rose', of which the shop owner thought may have been the name of the woman who the trinket box originally belonged too. I researched it later when I got home and discovered that Margaret Rose is the designer and that it is roughly of the 1940's/1950's.
After stating that it was brass and well made, Ross decided he really like it and gladly waltzed over to the counter to pay for it as a gift to me because he knew I loved it. Such a wonderful partner. It's not often that I get gifts from Ross, but it makes the moments that I do extra special and greatly appreciated.