Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Flash Flash!

One of the best buys I have ever made, would be for my wonderful Nikon camera. I had studied photography through my last years at school, into college and I did an access course for Lens based media, during which I still did not have my own camera. I simply couldn't afford one. Thats what happens when you choose independence over luxuries and have a car to keep running. But I wouldn't have changed that for the world. I may not be where I am now if I hadn't of bought my car back in 08. Anyway, I finally got myself a well paid job and managed to put back savings I had been using to plod along with whilst unemployed. One day in Canterbury, I was with my partner shopping and decided to look in the exchange shop at the camera's they were selling. There was a Nikon D60, but in a poor state and definitely in need of TLC. They were also asking too much above what it was worth.
However, walking back to the car feeling at a loss, I remembered the little camera shop near the pharmacy. There in the window (second hand may I add, however you wouldn't have believed it), was my camera waiting to be bought. A Nikon D40X, so clean and crisp I was doubting whether it had ever been out of the box other than to be displayed in the window. My wonderful camera cost me £249. Not bad for a "second hand" beginners camera, as it were.