Thursday, 27 September 2012

Colour Cost

An abundance of material, an array of colour. My wardrobe looks like the high street has sneezed on it! I can pretty much image that not even half of these items were straight from a store but instead from charity shops and car-boot finds. If I am not after anything specific, or in a rush for anything particular, I will hunt the local charity shops first like a tiger prowling for the best meal in a dessert, rather than spend a fortune on a little piece of material thats only made of synthetics.
I have become quite stingy with the quality of material. However this is a smart thing. What is the point of buying a wool knit cardigan for this coming winter weather when it is only made from viscose! It will only make you sweat. Buying 100% wool, or a mix blend of wool, angora, silk, lambswool etc... will keep you warm and clear of that dreaded leaky nose.
Another tip, to make you feel all warm and happy inside, stay clear of dreary dark and the classic winter colours of dark browns, blacks and greys. Although some shades of grey (the lighter shades) can be ok. To a colour therapy expert, Black is a depressive and deeply sad colour to wear. You will not see many colour therapists wearing black. It is said that the colour against your skin can interact with your bodies emotions and health. For example, green is a great colour to sleep on as it is a soothing colour and it keeps you balanced. Your body heals itself when you are asleep, so sleeping on green means you will wake up energised and happy. Red is a great colour to wear for an energy boost, to keep you going when you know you have a busy day and you simply just feel you can't get anywhere. I have found this subject very interesting, however, it is hard to slip away from the LBD... The Little Black Dress. No need for a photo, it is simply thigh length, with short sleeves and a low arched back. I found it for £5. You can't argue with low prices.