Little Pretty Finds

The Little Finds In Life

I found this beautiful Turquoise ring in my favourite little vintage shop in Hythe. I told my mum about it as I couldn't really afford it was closely approaching to my birthday. I didn't think anymore of it and honestly, forgot about it. Until the evening of my birthday, my amazing boyfriend had arranged a surprise birthday party for me in a lively little coffee shop by day, dinner hot spot by night. My parents were there, my nan, my brother and sister and a group of my close friends. It was a lovely night. My mum gave me a very small square box and inside was the gorgeous turquoise ring. She remembered! I was so grateful, I never take it off! Unfortunately it doesn't go with my Cameo ring, so when I'm in the mood for gold-quite rare now, I wear that instead. 

I went to Venice with my boyfriend last year. A good friend of mine invited us to stay with her. She lives in Jesolo, a beach town a half hour drive from Venice. Of course you have to get a water taxi to get to it. Anyways, a typical thing I like to do is find little souvenirs to find to take back to my friends. Venice being known for Murano glass I thought little glass animals would be something they could keep on their desks at work. I bought myself a cute little bumblebee, which wouldn't lie down without toppling over. So it now creates a beautiful feature hanging in front of my window. A bargain buy for just 1.50 Euro! 

Just some bargain pretty little finds!